Monday, 20 March 2017

A manifesto. Of sorts.

I've promised myself that I would not join the ranks of the "Fragrance Community", religiously sticking to the pennies that my slapdash fragrance reviews earn on Ciao.

Well, I failed, or I am about to (though it' possible that nobody but nobody will come and read any posts here, so maybe I will end up just talking to myself which won't necessarily be a bad thing).

But for now, here we are, or here I am.

As nobody will read this particular post, I can use it to state what I am planning to do here and moreover, what I am NOT planning to do.

I am planning to write about, but, paradoxically, more to the point, also around fragrance, more or less fine fragrance but likely with trips to other olfactory regions, and probably sometimes non-olfactory too.

I will probably ''review'' fragrances, but I am NOT planning to write reports that describe fragrance's arc of development in minute detail in 1000+ words. Firstly, because I think these descriptions are really boring to me. secondly (and perhaps not unrelated to the first), because I can't. I'm less than a dilettante in this stuff and although I am learning (on and off), I veer more towards impressionistic and fanciful descriptions that note-by-note breakdowns.

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